Did you know that every
2 seconds 1 person
in America needs blood.


Sponsor Drives

Several years ago, a change rippled through the American Red Cross Blood Services. In addition to their established Good Neighbor theme, the Red Cross, since its inception, an organization led by volunteers, adopted a Community Responsibility theme that seemed to ring true nationwide. Efforts increased to educate people about the process of donating blood, emphasizing how crucial it is to the wellbeing of hospital patients. And out of all of this, a hero was born: the Blood Drive Sponsor.

Before blood drive sponsors, Red Cross staffers sent out notices about blood drives, confident that donors would show. What triggered the creation of the sponsor role is embodied in a popular story Red Crossers still tell today: A prospective blood donor was asked why he didn’t donate. The man replied, "Because no one asked me." This obvious answer defined the much-needed role of a sponsor.

Blood drive sponsors, simply put, are community volunteers who dedicate their energy and time to organizing Red Cross blood drives. The heart and soul of each blood-collection effort, sponsors are vital links to the blood donors who help ensure that the needs of patients in all our communities are met. Blood is always needed, so the Red Cross relies heavily on sponsors to help ensure that blood products are available for hospital patients. But more than that, sponsors are directly in touch with the very blood donors the Red Cross needs - their friends, neighbors, co-workers, even family - and, face to face, they go about their work of recruiting donors.

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